Our Vision

We are a group of passionate and driven students building a platform that links charities in need of translating services and skilled volunteers who can provide bilingual translations. Originally propelled by the lack of translation services aimed towards the non-profit sector in Hong Kong, we sought to create a website to tackle this problem. We yearn to empower all bilingual people to be translators and create positive change in our communities, one step at a time.  

Meet the Team

Daisy Wang


Daisy Wang is passionate about using technology to empower people to create change. Frustrated by the lack of translation services for charity organisations Hong Kong, she founded Translate! in order to solve this issue. Looking into pursuing a career in engineering in the future, she hopes to use her problem solving skills and web development skills to foster the growth of Translate!

Clarisse Tsang

Head of Marketing

Clarisse is a driven student who hopes to pursue linguistics and psychology in the future, keen on understanding the fundamentals of language and harnessing it effectively to create a change in society. Clarisse works as the Head of Marketing, directing and promoting the organisation’s work effectively through branding, graphic design, and social media. Through her work in Translate!, she is able to further understand the business prospects of a charitable organization, but the principles behind translation and language itself.

Coco Yeung


Coco is a hardworking and caring student who wants to make a difference to her community. As the director of human resources, she works to better the relationship between the management team and the volunteers by understanding her colleagues well and by resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner. Her duties in Translate! is beneficial to both her own learning and the community.

Dionne Yeung

Chief Charity Officer

Dionne hopes to make a positive impact on society and she is especially keen on using the skillsets she was lucky enough to acquire to help others. Experienced in leading and organizing operations, she hopes to transfer these abilities to Translate! to benefit this organization. In which, as the Chief Charity Officer, she strives to develop Translate! into a successful website that can help improve the reach of as many charities as possible.