In order to volunteer, you must be able to write and translate between two languages – preferably Chinese and English. But apart from that, there are no requirements. 

In order to sign up for an opportunity, you must first create an account, or log in to your pre existing account. After that, browse to find an opportunity that you like, then sign up for it using the contact form below. 

Navigate to the “I’m a charity” label on the menu, then select “Post an Opportunity”. Fill in the form accordingly, including key details such as what needs to be translated, what languages to translate from and to, and what the deadline for this project should be. Once you’ve done that, you can preview your post, and submit it for admin review.

In order to assure quality, all opportunities must be approved by the website administrators before posted. You should expect your opportunity to be listed within one to two working days. If this does not happen, please feel free to contact the administrators at admin@translate4good.com

All volunteers must register before being able to apply for a volunteer position. As part of the registration process, they must submit a sample translation from a either Chinese to English, English to Chinese, or both. Administrators personally read each submission to ensure the quality of volunteers.